Purchasing A Pomsky


Prices range from $1,200-$3,500 for each puppy depending on eye color, husky markings, quality of coat, and size. Those that have higher quality, such as double blue eyes, lush thick coat, and solid mask will be on the higher end of price scale. Puppies will be priced when they are 4-5 weeks old as thats when eye color is known.


There is a high demand and a small supply of puppies. We work off our waitlist which I will announce on our Facebook page when I have a female ready. To be considered for our waitlist please submit the below application via Facebook messenger or email.

1.  Full name, email, phone, city, and state.

2.  Do you have any other pets? Previous pet experience?

3.  What's a typical day for you and your family? How many hours will the puppy be left alone? Where will he/she spend the day/night?

4.  House yard set up or dog park facility? Pictures are always welcome.

5.  Do you agree to sign a strict spay/neuter contract?

Spay/ Neuter Agreement

All puppies are sold on our strict spay/neuter agreement unless full breeding rights are discussed and an additional fee plus puppy back rights are agreed upon.  Puppies must be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age and a couple sources of proof will be required to be sent to us upon completion of surgery.

Long Distance Buyers

We live in Northeast Nebraska and understand that most of our buyers will be out of state, but with that said, we will not ship our puppies alone! We would like to meet you personally so we can arrange to meet you at the nearest airport (Sioux Falls, SD or Omaha, NE )  or drive and meet somewhere. 

We can discuss option and come up with an agreed upon solution.  Please understand that we feel this is for the safety and well being of our puppies.

Our Promise

Before our puppies are sent to their new forever homes, they will be:

* Up to date on all vaccinations and dewormings

*Vet checked with a two-year Health Guarantee

*DNA tested to assure buyer of a true Pomsky (Husky/Pomeranian mix) 

Buyer will receive documentation of all of the above for proof along with my Vet's information.