How much do your puppies cost?

Our Pomskies range from $1,200-$3,500. Puppies will not be priced until they are 4-5 weeks old.

Can you ship a puppy to me?

We WILL NOT ship any of our puppies. We have listed under "Purchasing a Pomsky" the many options we do have other than shipping. We do offer delivery and ask that you cover the expenes. We also do not sell anywhere out of the United States, except Canada.

How long will I have to wait for a puppy?

Because we are a small breeder and only have 2 females at the moment, it wil depend how many puppies per litter and sometimes a pairing doesn't take. We will be active on our Facebook page to update those interested or you can PM me with any questions.

How big does a Pomsky get?

We cannot guarantee size as there is always a chance of a throwback and size of litter can determine this as well. From experience of other breeders, if you take the weight of dam and add weight of stud and divide by 2, this should determine size. Our 50/50's should weigh around 24 lbs.

Do Pomskies have any health issues?

So far puppies registered through the PCA have been absolutely healthy! Please keep in mind that this is a brand new hybrid and we still have a lot to learn but we obviously do not expect any health issues or we would not be breeding this breed. All puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee and we ask that you keep us updated often with your puppies progress so that if any issues do arise we can address them.

What are the Pomskies temperments like?

Pomsky personalities will vary but they all have some Pomeranian traits and some Husky traits. They are very smart and easy to train. Some will howl like Huskies and others will bark more like Pomeranians but are not yappy dogs like some Poms by any means. They are much more focused on their human family and less independent then a typical Husky but don't always have to be underfoot like your typical Pom.  They can be escaped artists like Huskies but do not wander to the same degree.  You will want to make sure your yard is secure but fortunately they can't jump high fences like Huskies because they are smaller in size. They are very active but don't need the space as Huskies. They are great with kiids and other pets as they dont have the high prey drive as most Huskies.